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Make the most of 4K displays in the room, collaborate easily with your conference applications of choice, and keep it secure and stable with reliable remote management technology.


Power all of your video conferencing rooms with Simply NUC Mini PCs.

NUC Conference Solutions

streamline your collaboration

Start up your presentations faster with a high-speed connection and instantaneous sharing capabilities. Whether you’re in person or online, Simply NUC Mini PCs – with a range of graphics capabilities, low-acoustic footprints, and seamless set-up- allow you to focus on your meeting.

Tiger Canyon

Built with the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors, Tiger Canyon delivers the performance and innovation for small space and embedded solutions.

Frost Canyon

Stream 4K video, store and edit media, work from home, or finish your homework. Experience responsive performance for home office and school applications, and rely upon the ability to easily transfer files with high-speed connection options.

Chaco Canyon

A fanless PC kit built with an Intel® Celereon® processor, delivering innovation in a small space for a variety of embedded solutions.

bring versatility and efficiency to your conference rooms

Integrate your existing conference room applications or upgrade to something new- Simply NUC has a variety of solutions to help you get exactly what you need to collaborate more efficiently.